How mature is your organisation when it comes

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​Organisations that already completed the maturity scan: HEINEKEN, Jacobs Douwe Egberts, NN Group, PROCERGS.

Many organisations have social platforms to communicate, collaborate, innovate and share knowledge. 
Is yours one of them? If so, here is something your organisation will most likely value.

NOTE: The Scan is closed at the moment. We are currently working on the global Benchmark. 

​How does it work? 

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Receive a free personalised report detailing your organisation’s maturity stage & suggestions on how to grow from there 


Receive the global benchmark report and check how your organisation fares against others (data is aggregated and anonymised)


​Report sample 

Social Collaboration Maturity Model

​This model will help you understand the maturity stages that typical organisations go through, where you are, and what you need to do to progress. The model assesses the maturity stage of how an organisation uses its social platforms in 7 focus areas.



We define 3 key maturity stages in the use of social networks in organisations.

The stages are defined

based on user activity.

​Reaching people

​Becoming smarter

Becoming faster

and​ more agile






focus areas

The more mature the usage of social networks, the more value they deliver to the employees and the organisation. The following 7 areas of maturity have been defined.





So, are you ready to check the maturity stage
of social collaboration in your organisation? 


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