Social Collaboration Maturity

- Benchmark Report -

Social platforms with low levels of maturity fail over time. 
Understanding your social platforms’ maturity can help you identify ways to improve 
organisational communication, collaboration, innovation, and knowledge sharing. 

In late 2019, OrangeTrail and Knowman launched the Social Collaboration Maturity Scan to assess organisations’ maturity when it comes to their use of enterprise social platforms. 


34 organisations from 13 countries have performed the scan. 
Together they represent more than 
1.5 million employees.  

In the report you will find: 

  • a summary of the Scan results 

  • an analysis of those results and what they mean for organisations 

  • general recommendations for organisations to progress to higher stages of maturity. 

​Would you like a Social Collaboration Maturity Scan of your organisation?


What is it?
An evaluation of your organisation’s social collaboration maturity, using the baseline questionnaire 

constructed for the global 

How is it done?
The Scan’s baseline survey 
is filled online by a representant of your organisation. 

What do I get?

A high level report with your organisation’s stage of maturity in each of the 7 focus areas and a few personalised 

When can it be done?

In 2021, when we launch the next edition of the Benchmark 

How much does it cost?
It's free! 

I want it! What do I need to do now?
Please leave your email
and we will get in
touch next year when we
launch the 2nd edition
of the Benchmark. 


What is it?
A more detailed assessment
of your organisation’s social collaboration maturity stages, focusing on your own
specific priorities. 

How is it done?
We design an online survey based on the Social Collaboration Maturity Scan
and on the initial interview of your platform owners/ managers. The survey is
filled by different people in the organisation, to ensure a good representation of the
7 focus areas. 

What do I get?
A detailed report, totally
tailored to your organisation,
with your maturity stage in each of the focus areas, and a list of recommendations to help
you achieve your goals for
the platform.  

When can it be done?
Whenever it is good for you. 
Maybe before you make important decisions relating to your platform... 

How much does it cost?
9900 EUR 

I want it! What do I need to do now?
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you are interested


What is it?
A thorough review of your organisation’s use of the social platform. It evaluates the platform against how exactly it is meeting your defined goals. 


How is it done?
Besides the initial interviews to platform owners/ managers and the online survey to people throughout the organisation, we will look at platform analytics and dive into specific areas of the platform to analyse the type of interactions and calculate their value to the business.  

What do I get?

A detailed report, totally
tailored to your organisation,
with your maturity stage in each of the focus areas, quantitative and qualitative data to support
it, and a prioritised list of recommendations to help you achieve your goals for
the platform.

When can it be done?
Whenever it is good for you. 
Maybe in time to shape your 2021 planning, or before you need to commit resources to your existing platform... 

How much does it cost?
It depends. Please
get in touch!

I want it! What do I need to do now?
Get in touch with us and let's book some time to discuss! 

Give us your feedback about the report and you might get a free webinar for your organisation

Leave us your feedback and your organisation may be chosen to receive a free 1-hour webinar for OrangeTrail and Knowman to share the highlights of the report with your organisation’s leaders.


Social Collaboration Maturity Model

​This model helps you understand the maturity stages that typical organisations go through, where you are, and what you need to do to progress. The model assesses the maturity stage of how an organisation uses its social platforms in 7 focus areas.



We define 3 key maturity stages in the use of social networks in organisations.

The stages are defined

based on user activity.

​Reaching people

​Becoming smarter

Becoming faster

and​ more agile






focus areas

The more mature the usage of social networks, the more value they deliver to the employees and the organisation. The following 7 areas of maturity have been defined.





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Frequently asked questions

Who authored this survey and the model behind it?

The Social Collaboration Maturity Model (SCMM) was created by OrangeTrail based on many years of experience, working with organisations to increase the value they extract from using enterprise social platforms. The Scan was created in partnership by Knowman and OrangeTrail, in what became an amazing exercise of systematising and making explicit the thinking behind the Model. OrangeTrail helps organisations leverage technology to improve employee engagement, make the company smarter and faster, and to accelerate organisational learning. Knowman is a consultancy company specialised in designing and implementing strategies, plans and activities to improve collaboration, knowledge sharing and retention, and organisational learning.

How is this survey different from so many others out there?

Four main reasons: 1. The survey is based on a tried and tested model built on many years of experience (the Social Collaboration Maturity Model). 2. The survey’s only focus is on how organisations use their digital platforms to derive business value – platforms and their features do not have any impact on how well your organisation uses them. 3. The survey accepts that reality is rarely black or white. As such, it allows for many shades of gray ;) 4. Organisations receive a free personalised 14-page report. It details the organisation’s social collaboration maturity stage and offers recommendations to progress towards more mature stages of use and, therefore, get more value from its enterprise social platforms.

Who will have access to my contact details and where will they be stored?

1. Data will only be visible to OrangeTrail and Knowman.
2. The data is stored on MailChimp and Microsoft SharePoint. On request we will remove reference to person or company from our records.

I have other questions or concerns. What can I do?

Please get in touch. Find our contact information below.

Can you perform a more detailed scan at my organisation?

Yes! Actually this Maturity Scan is a condensed version of a much more detailed diagnosis we have done for some of our clients.

Please check the table above for the Intermediate and Comprehensive Scans we can do at your organisation

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Social Collaboration Maturity Benchmark Report 2020